Places to Visit in Limassol

Places to Visit in Limassol

Amathus Ruins

Location: Limassol District - Cyprus
One of the most important city-kingdoms of ancient Cyprus, Amathus is situated about 10 kilometres east of Limassol. According to mythology it was founded by King Kinyras and was also where Theseus left Ariadne to be cared for after his battle with the Minotaur. The remains contain: baths and other adjacent buildings, four basilicas, the sanctuary of Aphrodite, necropolis, an aqueduct and the harbor, which nowadays lies under the sea level.

Opening Hours
Daily: 8 am - 5 pm (November - March)
8 am - 6 pm (April - May, September - October)
8 am - 7.30 pm (June - August)

Sanctuary of Apollo
Location: Limassol District - Cyprus
Tel: +357 25995049
This site is located three kilometers west of Kourion, on the road to Paphos. Apollo Hylates, God of the Woodland, was the protector of the city of Kourion. The cult of Apollo was celebrated here from the eighth century B.C. to the A.D. fourth century. Excavations hare revealed other structures of this important sanctuary such as the bath complex, the pilgrim halls, the palaistra and a holy precinct.

Visitors can also see the Priest's House, where there are remains of a mosaic as well as some pillars. The paved route then passes along the portico of the South Building and then down a flight of steps to the Palaestra. This central court was used for athletics and the site has plenty of facilities for sportsmen, including another complex of baths. Next to the Palaestra were the dormitories, parts of which are quite well preserved.

Opening Hours
Daily: 9am - 5pm (October - April)
9am - 7.30pm (summer)

Location: Limassol - Cyprus
Tel: +357 25995048
The ruins at Kourion are to be found in breathtaking scenery overlooking the sea - this is probably the most spectacular archaeological site in Cyprus. The magnificent Graeco-Roman Theatre was originally built in the 2nd century BC and is now fully restored and used for musical and theatrical performances. The house of Eustolios, originally a private Roman villa consists of a complex of baths and rooms with beautiful 5th century AD mosaic floors.

Opening Hours
Daily: 8am - 5pm (winter)
8am - 7.30pm (summer)