Places to Visit in Nicosia

Places to Visit in Nicosia

Priceless and fascinating collection of Cyprus antiquities and art treasures from Neolithic Age to the early Byzantine Period

Museum Street

Monday-Saturday: 09:00-17:00

Sunday: 10:00-13:00

Center of the Cyprus Orthodox Church, the new Archbishop's Palace built in a neo-Byzantine style 1960, contains the private suite of the late Archbishop Makarios. Open to the public only on special occasions.

Restored pedestrian area within the walled city, east of Eleftheria Square. Charming winding alleys with traditional houses and shops, restaurants, galleries, all lovingly restored as typical examples of Cypriot urban architecture of a bygone, more graceful age.

The Venetian walls, which completely encircle the old city, have a circumference of 7km and possess eleven heart-shaped bastions. There were only three entries to the city through gates in the north, south and east. One of the gates, the Porta Giuliana, called the Famagusta Gate, has been restored and is now as the Nicosia Municipal Culture Center. The large imposing gate itself leads into a long passage with a central cupola, which cuts through the walls and comes out in the moat. On both sides are high, stonewalled guardrooms. The restored passage and rooms are used for exhibitions, conferences, lectures and various performances.

Founded by two monks in 1148, when an icon of Virgin Mary was found in a nearby cave. Set in a picturesque dip in the Makhairas Mountains, it is scene of a large religious fair on 15 August.