We recommend knowing where the nearest emergency center is, in case it’s needed, to know how to get there.  If you require ambulance, fire station or police call 112.

The General Hospital provides free medical service for tourists. In case you would prefer a private medical service there are plenty of excellent private hospitals in Paphos.  If you're covered by a medical insurance, you can ask your provider for a list of recommended hospitals.


Driving is on the left, with priority from the right at roundabouts.  The road layout and road signs follow the international system and distances and speeds are given in kilometers.  Take appropriate care when using roads during sudden wet weather.  It is illegal to use your mobile while driving, not wearing a seatbelt or not to wear a helmet when on a motorcycle and the police will fine you for this.  All drivers should have a valid international or national driving license for the type of vehicle they intend to drive.


If internet is provided in your property, make sure that you have the right passwords to connect to the Wi-Fi service.  In case there is no internet connection in the property, there are usually Internet cafes nearby for you to access your email, fax, internet etc. Most coffee shops now offer free Wi-Fi such as Costa Coffee and Starbucks etc.


Payments can be made in Euros. Please remember to reference your name and property number on payment e.g. JOHN SMITH LIMNARIA APT.3 so we can link the payment back to you.  Please scan and send your transaction receipt by email so we can confirm the payment receipt.