Customer Care Policy

Customer Care Policy
It is our duty to our clients to offer our complete "before and after'' sales assistance.
From the moment you register as a client with our company we undertake to offer our complete services with the utmost of care and attention to detail.

1. We provide the service to collect and return the client to and from the airport.

2. We will accommodate the client on a bed and breakfast basis unless prior arrangements have been made through the agent.

3. Upon the agreement of a purchase we accompany the purchaser to the Lawyer and attend to the transfer of funds through our reputable colleagues at FOREIGN CURRENCY EXCHANGE. Unless the client specifies that they wish to deal with their own personal bank.

4. Upon completion of a sale we will refund the costs of the flights incurred by the client.

5. We assist the client with the utility formalities and accompany them to the various departments to register ELECTRIC, WATER, TELEPHONE, COMMUNITY CHARGES, BANK ACCOUNTS, ETC...

6. We advise on the required paperwork for healthcare, personal registration for immigration purposes, local dentist and doctor

7. We are willing assist in the purchasing and/or take delivery of furnishings in the absence of the client if such a service is required.

8. In the interests of all parties concerned we aim to provide the services to ensure a smooth transition is achieved for all concerned.

9. On our complexes we attend to the regular cleaning of the communal pool and gardens the cleaning of stairs and corridors and all outside areas (An agreed monthly fee is charged to each client for such a purpose).