Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

When a buyer is considering a property purchase in Cyprus it is important to carry out a thorough investigation of the developers under consideration.the following questions should be asked;

*Does the developer have outstanding loans/mortgages on the property/land under consideration?

*Are there any claims or court cases against the developer?

*Can I see finished properrty similar to what I am considering?

*What guarantees do I have on the quality of wokmanship and building?

*Can I talk to some existing owners about their experience?

*Will there be any restrictions when I come to sell,and will you help me sell the property?

*Can I part exchange the property if I want to buy something bigger from you?

At Antonescos Estates we can answer all these questions favourably,and can give you a pressure free inspection trip to view our projects.

 ''Life is for living..........live it in Cyprus!''